About Us

Attracting Customers

The highest compliment from our clients, time after time, is simply this: MCA gets it done. Right.

Gather. Engage. Maximize.

It all started with a perceived problem: Not enough members.

In the early days (pre-1993), we spent a lot of time marketing endorsed products to members of associations and groups. We were really good at it, but we were limited by the number of members in the sponsoring organizations.

So, in 1993, we swam upstream.

We went to the organizations and said, “We’re really great persuasion architects.  Let us help you get–and keep–more members, and then those affinity programs will work even BETTER.” Because more members means more prospects for credit card and insurance programs, more attendees for events, more in the organization’s “sphere of influence.”

The organizations let us… we delivered on our promise… and everyone was happy.

Then one day we had an epiphany.

“We’re in the community-building business!” It didn’t seem to matter whether the consumer paid dues or subscriptions, or if they earned their way into the community in some other way.  The tools and tactics of effective acquisition, retention and development were transcendent.

So today, we work with all kinds of organizations, from traditional dues-paid membership groups to Fortune 500 corporations to digital “permission to communicate” audiences. The common thread is this:  a continuity relationship with the customer.

Gather. Engage. Maximize.

We like it here.

  • We like communities.
  • We like people who want to affiliate with other people who share their passions, beliefs and interests.
  • We like organizations who want to do the right thing for their community members, whether it’s deliver programs at competitive prices, link up people at events or chapters, or just plain gather at the “watering hole” and talk shop.
  • We like organizations who want to do the right thing for their business.  Smart, data-driven decisions combined with flawless execution.

Our own “Happiness Project”

Research indicates humans are happier when they have a strong community of friends and family. (Movie recommendation:  The Happy Movie. ) We would add that organizations are happier (more effective, more profitable, more relevant) when they have strong communities.

Please contact us to discuss your community opportunities.  You’ll be happy you did.